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About Chengdu Tour Guide

Chengdu Tour Guide is a local team of guides and drivers in Chengdu provide tour service to foreign visitors.
Who We Are:


Chengdu Tour Guide is a team of local tour guides and drivers that work for foreign travelers in Chengdu and its surroundings. We aim to provide the best guiding service to travelers and help the travelers to get the most out of your trips in Chengdu!

What We Do:


We are real people that go on guiding for travelers. We answer your emails and take you to the places to visit. We make arrangements by ourselves and we don’t contract them out to third parties. We know the most up-to-date travel information of each tourist attraction in Chengdu, which makes us the trusted experts in travel business in Chengdu. The places of interests in Chengdu include the sites in the city and the sites outside of the city such as Leshan Grand Buddha, Emeishan Buddhist Shrine, Dujiangyan Irrigation Park, Qingchengshan Taoist Shrine.


Why Choose Us:


We have panda experts that know everything about pandas, whether you want to have a visit to the panda base, or to volunteer at the panda base, or to hug a panda and get your photo taken or even to search a panda in the wild, we have someone for you to guide you.


We also have foodies that can take you to explore the great food in Chengdu, whether you want to try the spiciest hotpot or to feast with the many snacks, we have someone for you to take you on your food hunt in Chengdu. Mapo Toufu, Chuan Chuan Xiang and many other kinds of exotic food.


If you are active travelers, we also have our guide for you if you are looking for hiking, cycling, skiing or even climbing around Chengdu. Chengdu and its surroundings have the terrain for activities such as hiking, cycling and even rock-climbing. Our local guide will take you to experience these activities in Chengdu.



thank you for your flexibility in relation to change of plans when we need, we really enjoyed our stay.


after we got used to the accent it was perfect, full of knowledge, very flexible, know to change the plans according to situation, Billy's service was much more than excellent; all the places are very interesting and worth visiting, we enjoyed the trip very much! we think that you should not accommodate western tourists in hotels that can't deal with them.

Hochi F: 

toilet very bad(public toilet), traffic too busy,spitting culture bad,smoking bad

Lisa B: 

Li was very friendly and knowledgeable about a lot of different things, he took very good care of us.

Nitzan T: 

we enjoyed so much from Ricky's explanations humor, excellent English and understanding our needs about food and places of interest.

Amaani H: 

Li was an amazing guide, he was patient and flexible with us when we were not feeling well. he went above and beyond to make sure we got the most of our trip. he was a good travel companion and nice to talk to but also knew when to give us space overall, the perfect guide

Claudia R: 

Ricky made our trip a complete success, we would not have had anywhere near to good an experience without his ...

Warrick F: 

Susan is a very good guide, got us the right places quickly, explained everything clearly, very good service including car and drive.

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