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Kuanzhai Alley (宽窄巷子)

Kuanzhai Alley (Big and Small Alley) is a refurnished traditional block of houses from Qing Manchurian Time. It is now a main tourist attraction in Chengdu. Within this block you can find fine architecture and local street food and tea houses and coffee shops.
Location Map
Recommended Time to Spend: 1 hour
Business Hour: 06:30-23:00 all year round
What to Expect at Kuanzhai Alley


1.    Traditional Houses
Kuanzhai Alley means big and small alleys. It is a traditional block of houses from later Qing Time. It is the only replica of Beijing Hutongs in south China. It was first built as part of the Inner City to accommodate the Manchurian Army after their expedition from Tibet on an invitation to help the Tibetan Dalai Lama in 18th Century. Inner City was called Shaocheng, which was also the former name of People’s Park, a park neighbors Kuanzhai Alley. Although at present every house is refurnished and kept tidy for business and visitors. There are in total three alleys: Kuan Xiangzi (Big Alley), Zhai Xiangzi (Small Alley) and Jing Alley. It is not a very big place. 

2.    Local Food
Kuanzhai Alley is a good place to try local snacks and food. In the three paralleled alleys you will find many food stands especially in Jingxiangzi Alley and Zhaixiangzi Alley. Not only local food, but you will also find bars, cafe and teahouses..

3.    Fancy Restaurants

If you are looking for fancy and good places to eat Sichuan Food, Kuanzhai Alley is a very good place to go.

4.    Lots of people
There are usually lots of visitors in Kuanzhai Alley. This place is a must-see place in Chengdu so usually there are lots of people especially on weekends and holidays. 

5.    Around Kuanzhai Alley
Qintai Road is next to Kuanzhai Alley. Qintai Road is located 500m southwest to Kuanzhai Alley. It is where the Shufeng Yayun Sichuan Opera is performing. Qintai Road connects Culture Park and Qingyang Taoist Temple at its west, Baihuatan Park at its south. At Qintai Road, there are many restaurants for Sichuan Hot pot. 

People's Park is located  300m south east to Kuanzhai Alley. People's Park is also a very interesting places to see local life including the dancing people, the match-making corner. 

How to Get to Kuanzhai Alley

Kuanzhai Alley is located at No. 127 Changshun Shangjie, Qingyang District, Chengdu.
Address in Chinese is 成都市青羊区长顺上街127号宽窄巷子
It is located very close to the city center of Chengdu.

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Detailed Map of Kuanzhai Alley
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