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Jinli Old Street (锦里古街)

Jinli Street is usually referred as Jinli Old Street. It is the biggest traditional street in Chengdu. Jinli is a place of local food and shops and a good place to wonder around and spend your time at. Jinli Street is located in the central part of Chengdu at Whouci Ave.
Location Map
Recommended Time to Spend: 1-3 hours
Business Hour: 05:30-23:00 all year round
What to Expect at Jinli Street


1.    Local Food
Jinli Street is the No.1 place to go eat local food. Here you can find dozens of food stands selling them from morning til evening. You can find rabbit head, Zhong Shuijiao Dumplings, Chuan Chuan, Tianshui Noodles, Dandan Noodles, Lai’s Sweet Dumplings, Long Chaoshou Wantons, Zhangfei Beef and many other different kinds of snacks and food. Eating in public is not a problem as you will see that is how local people are doing. Although you can find restaurants in Jinli Street if you want to sit down to eat but lots of the restaurants are very busy usually. The food in Jinli is not the best in Chengdu but they are good food and you don’t see anywhere else with such variety of choices in Chengdu.

2.    Souvenir Shops

Souvenir shops are plenty in Jinli as this place serves as a tourist place for tourists. Things sold here are not cheap so if you are looking for alternatives you can try the many shops and stores next to Jinli Street where you can actually find plenty of shops. Many shops sell fine products. Negotiation is not accepted in Jinli.

3.    Traditional Houses
Jinli means small alleys of brocade, from the name of another name of Chengdu, which was called Jin Chengdu – City of Brocade. Jinli was built into its original style recently. All houses are only with old style but not actually old. Jinli served as a market in old times for people to exchange things. The neighboring Wuhou Shrine is a memorial of Zhuge Liang, who is considered to be one of the most intelligent people in Chinese history. Zhuge was the prime minister of Shu Kingdom, one of the three kingdoms of China during the end of Eastern Han Dynasty. Wuhou Shrine requires entrance fees and is separated from Jinlli Street. 

4.    Lots of people
Expect to see lots of people in Jinli. This place is a must-see place in Chengdu so usually there are lots of people especially on weekends and holidays. 

5.    Around Jinli
The Neighboring Wuhou Shrine as a temple/also a memorial for the king and prime-minister of Shu Kingdom from Eastern Han Dynasty. A visit to this place requires an admission fee of CNY60 per person and requires about 2 hours' time to visit. It has fine temples and gardens inside the shrine.

There is also a Tibetan Quarter next to Jinli Street. This area of Chengdu has become a main hub of Tiebtan people from the western Tibetan part of Sichuan Province. A lot of Tibetan people have settled down here near Wuhu Shrine. At the Tibetan Quarter you will see a majority of the people there being Tibetans and the shops seeling the Buddhist objects. There is also a night market on a small scale by the streets in the Tibetan Quarter, note that the quarter is not actually a market, it is just streets of modern shops. The night market being Tibetan people selling things such as beads, Buddhist-related stuff, is not always available.

Around Jinli you also find the decent gear shops for hiking and climbing, stores like Sanfo, 52 Camp and Vorfox.

How to Get to Jinli Old Street

Jinli is located at No. 231 Wuhouci Avenue, Wuhou District, Chengdu.
Address in Chinese is 武侯祠大街231号锦里古街。

1. By Bus

Bus route No.1, No.57, No.82 and No.334 can get you to Jinli Street.

2. By Subway

Subway Line 3 gets to Gaoshengqiao Stop (地铁高升桥站), from where it is 600m of walking to Jini towards northwest.

Jinli Street is located in the central part of Chengdu, it is easy to even walk there.

Ticket Information

Free of charge for most of the year.

CNY30 if traveling during Chinese New Year time.

Luggage Storage Service: Unavailable

Tours to Jinli Old Street
Chengdu Day Tour with Panda - 1 Day
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Detailed Map of Jinli Street
It is not a very big place. From entrance at the south to the end at the north it is only 500 meters. It is an open block can be accessed from more than one entrances. The main entrance is at the south. The other less-crowded entrance is at its southwest. 
Chengdu Jinli Street - Travel Tips


1. Some people prefer to go there in the evening when in the dark the lanterns will be lighted. Some people prefer to go there in the morning before 10am when it is not as crowded as later on

2. Please be aware there are usually lots of visitors at Jinli all the time. 

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