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Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan Tour - 1 Day

Visit the world heritage of Dujiangyan Irrigation Park and Mount Qingcheng Taoist Shrine in one day near Chengdu. Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan are the best place to visit outside of city of Chengdu.
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1 day


-Mount Qingcheng Taoist Shrine

-Shangqing Palace

-Laojun Pagoda

-Yuecheng Lake

-Dujiangyan Irrigation System

-Anlan Suspension Bridge

-Erwang Temple

Detailed Itinerary:

First start from your hotel in the morning by 7:30 o’clock and drive to Qingchengshan. Qingchengshan is also called Mount Qingcheng. It is located 70km west to Chengdu, taking about 1.5 hours by driving. You will arrive at the base of Mount Qingcheng by around 9:00 in the morning.

Qingchengshan is the Chinese name of Mount Green City. It is one of the important Buddhist Shrines in China and believed to be the origin of Chinese Taoism. Qingchengshan was listed along with Dujiangyan Irrigation System as a World Heritage Site in the 1990s due to its significance of historical and cultural status. The Taoist temples in Qingchengshan are one of the coolest things in China. The architectures are with the most traditional Chinese style. 

The visit to Qingchengshan starts after a short bus ride at the entrance. This ride will take about 10 minutes. And start to walk for 20 minutes to the cable car station including a boat ride on highway at Yuecheng Lake. After the cable car ride, keep walking to the summit of Qingchengshan for about 40 minutes en route there is Shangqing Palace (the biggest Taoist temple in Qingcheng) and the Laojun Pagoda at the summit of Qingcheng. 

After the visit, go back the same way to the base of Qingchengshan and transfer to Dujiangyan Irrigation Park. (Optional walking down the mountain of Qingcheng instead of using the cable car.)

Dujiangyan Irrigation System was listed along with Qingchengshan as a world heritage. The significance of Dujiangyan Irrigation is it is old. It was built over 2200 years ago, one of the less-known wonders made by ancient Chinese people. The irrigation system protected Chengdu from flood ever since it was built and made Chengdu a great food production place in China. What is more amazing about this irrigation is that it was still under use at present day! Every governor of Chengdu comes to the park to worship its founder Li Bing as an inspiration to their work.

The visit to the irrigation park will start from Fulong Guan Temple and walk the island from Baopingkou Cut (the cut by the mountainside as the beginning of the canal networks in Chengdu) and Feishayan, the sand-water splitting weir, and then to the hanging bridge on Minjiang River near Yuzui Water Split, at last walk to Qinyan Pagoda and Erwang Temple, the memorial of the founder of Dujiangyan Irrigation System. 

And after the visit, you will be transferred back to Chengdu to be dropped off to your hotel or anywhere in the city that you prefer. You will arrive in Chengdu by around 5.00pm usually.

You will be fully guided throughout your tour today.


Travel Tips:


1.Walking in both Qingchengshan and Dujiangyan will be half on flat sections as well as on steps that sometimes are steep but not long walks. Both parks have the option to walk further to see more temple/ views.

2.Summer is usually humid and hot with temperature gets over 30C outdoor. 

3.This tour can be altered according to your preference, if you just want to make it into different schedules. We can customize for you.

Availability: Every Day
Price Details:

A. Price Inclusions:
 Private Transfer;
 Private English-speaking Guide;
 Entrance Fees;
 Service Charge and Tax;


B. Price is based on 3 people.

    Private Tour.

    No Hidden Fees.

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