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Dujiangyan Panda Base Volunteer – 1 Day

Taking care of the pandas in Chengdu! Make contributions to the endangered animal! Have a meaningful holiday with the lovely pandas! Get an experience of a lifetime!
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1 day


-Dujiangyan Panda Base

-Giant Pandas

-Work for the pandas


Detailed Itinerary:

First start from your hotel in the morning by 7:15 am and drive to Dujiangyan Panda Park. The drive takes about 1.5 hours and you will arrive at the base by around 8:30 in the morning. It is a bit early time to leave hotel and to get up.

Dujiangyan Panda Base is located 60km west to the city of Chengdu, although it is actually considered still in the city of Chengdu but not in the main urban area. Dujiangyan Panda Base is called Dujiangyan Panda Park. It is located in Daguan Zhen near Mount Qingchengshan.

After arrival, you will sign up to the volunteer work first. A pair of working gloves and a working uniform will be given to you along with a volunteer work tag. You will start to do the work by around 9:00 o’clock.

The work includes:

1.Cleaning the panda room, collecting old bamboos and panda poops from panda room and enclosure to make sure it is clean and tidy.

2. Prepare fresh bamboos for the pandas. This will normally take up to 1 hour to finish.

And then watch panda keepers feeding the panda after cleaning, which is usually by around 11:00. This part will take up to 30 minutes. 

After this, it is lunch time. You will be led to the dining place of Dujiangyan Panda Base to have your lunch by around 12:00.

3.By 13:00 there is documentary you can watch at the base to learn something about pandas. While you can also just rest in their resting hall or to walk around the panda base to see more pandas. The documentary is about 0.5-1 hour’s time.

4.Prepare food for the rescued pandas by around 14:00 in the afternoon. You will have another chance to watch panda keepers feed the pandas.

5.After this, you have a chance to make panda cakes. You can basically make the pastry into different shapes and put them in the tray for streaming. This activity is optional.


After the work, say goodbye to the pandas and drive back to Chengdu. You will be dropped off to your hotel or anywhere in the city that you prefer.

You will be fully guided throughout your program today.


Travel Tips:


1.Leaving Chengdu by 7:15 in the morning is a bit early so make sure you had good rest the former night.

2.Any bookings should be done 2 weeks prior to secure the reservation. A short notice does not guarantee bookings especially when you are traveling during school vacations in China (July, August, January and February).

3.The age of being a Panda volunteer is between 12-60 although if accompanied by parent or partner, anyone who is over 9-10 years’ old or in the 60s or even older, you can also do the work. 

4.Dujiangyan Panda Base is called Dujiangyan Panda Park. It is a panda base in the countryside near the green mountains. It’s a nice place to see nature and green as well.

5. The volunteer work will ends by around 14:30 to 15:00 by the base before drive back to Chengdu. 

7.The timing of doing the work summarized above is according to former experiences. 9:00 is the time you start to do the work so as others. It is decided and regulated by the people of the Dujiangyan Panda Base (or you can say by the pandas). We (Chengdu Tour Guide) act as an agent of the base.

8.Please remember this is a small group private tour. You can let us arrange for other sites after the volunteer work if you want to. We are totally flexible with arrangements.

Availability: Every Day
Price Details:

A. Price Inclusions:
 Private Transfer;
 Private English-speaking Guide;

 Lunch is provided by the panda base;

 Panda Volunteer work fee;
 Service Charge and Tax;


B. Price is based on 3 people.

    No Hidden Fees.

    Private Tour.

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