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Chengdu Day Tours

Best-selected Chengdu Day Tours

It's not just the lovely giant pandas that attract visitors to Chengdu but also the food, people and history. Sichuan Food may not favored by everyone due to it may sometimes be too spicy but the variaty of food can meet everyone's need. To try the local Sichuan food is one of the things travel has to do while traveling in Chengdu. In the parks and the street you will see it is true that Chengdu people are with a laid-back life style. We are peaceful and we love life. Listed below are the best day tours in Chengdu that will lead you to try Sichuan Food, to see pandas, to meet local people and to learn its history.

Chengdu Panda Tour

Get the most of out Chengdu in a day! See the lovely pandas at Chengdu Panda Breeding Center and explore the old street of Jinlu, and drink tea like a local! Do not miss the essence of Chengdu!

Highlights: Panda Base, Jinli ...

Price: From USD78

Leshan Buddha Tour

Leshan Grand Buddha and Huanglongxi Old Village in one day! To see the world cultural heritage and to explore the old village Huanglonxi near Chengdu!

Highlights: Leshan Buddha, Hu...

Price: From USD102

Mt. Emei Tour

A leisure walking tour to Mount Emei (Emeishan) in ONE day from Chengdu! Temples, monkeys, forests and a leisure walking in one day!

Highlights: Emeishan, Golden ...

Price: From USD173

Visit the world heritage of Dujiangyan Irrigation Park and Mount Qingcheng Taoist Shrine in one day near Chengdu. Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan are the best place to visit outside of city of Chengdu.

Qingchengshan and Dujiangyan Tour

Price: From USD128

Highlights: Dujiangyan, Qingch...


Jiuzhaigou is one of the top 10 classic tourist attractions in China. Its amazing lakes and waterfalls have attracted millions of visitors

Highlights: Jiuzhaigou, Huanglo

Price: From USD472


A hiking tour to Mount Emei (Emeishan) to embrace its nature in 2 days from Chengdu! Temples, monkeys, forests through a hard walking from the base of Emei to the summit.

Highlights: Mt. Emei

Price: From USD340


This is a 2-day trip to Mount Gongga by its eastern side in Hailuogou Glacier Park. You have the chance to see the highest mountain in Sichuan Province

Highlights: Hailuogou Park

Price: From USD360

 Mount Siguniang is considered to oriental Alps due to its natural alpine beauty of mountains and amazing landscapes.


Price: From USD435

Highlights: Shuangqiao, Chang..

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