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Jiuzhaigou Tour 2 Days

Jiuzhaigou is one of the top 10 classic tourist attractions in China. Its amazing lakes and waterfalls have attracted millions of visitors since its opening as a park. Cluster of lakes inside the three valleys of Jiuzhaigou make up the highlights of this place. Listed along as World Natural Heritage with Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong boasts for its unique calcium lakes with amazing color and waterscape. This is a classic Jiuzhaigou Tour by flight.
Tour Review


Very Good




2 day


-Jiuzhaigou National Park

-Five Flower Lake,

-Mirror Lake,

-Pearl Shoal Waterfall,

-Nuorilang Waterfall,

-Long Lake and Five-Colored Lake

-Huanglong National Park

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 Jiuzhaigou Arrival
Arrive at Airport of Jiuzhaigou and your guide will meet you here and send you to your hotel in Jiuzhaigou. When you arrive at the airport the altitude is quite high therefore you are recommended to take your time while walking and try avoid stress yourself too much. After arrive in Jiuzhaigou check in to your hotel.
Plan will be adjusted according to the newest flight arrival time. 

Day 2 Jiuzhaigou Tour
In the morning start by 8:30am and go to the park of Jiuzhaigou. Check in with pre-arranged tickets and your guide will take you to tour the park full day. First use the park bus to the end of the valley to Long Lake, the largest lake of all lakes in the park and then from there walk to Five-Colored Lake before get on a bus and come back to the center Nuorilang, from where you will continue to Rize Valley and tour from Five Flower Lake. You can either choose to use the bus or do some walking from there back to Nuorilang Waterfall. And from the waterfall you can also either to use a bus or continue walking down to the lakes at lower part of Shuzheng Valley. Lunch is flexible you can either use your own packed lunch or buy a buffet lunch by Nuorilang Center Station. One day is good to tour the park of Jiuzhaigou you don’t have to rush through things. The lower part of Shuzheng Valley include Shuanglong Lake, Luwei Lake are by the end of the valley. After the tour, use bus to go back to the entrance of park and be picked up and send to your hotel in Jiuzhaigou.

Day 3 Huanglong Tour and Departure
In the morning start from your hotel by 8:30am also and drive for around 2-3 hours to get to Huanglong Park. Huanglong Park has a cluster of calcium lakes formed inside a valley. The visit will start by a cable car ride up to the middle range of the park and then you will walk from there for around 40 minutes before arrive at the higher part of the park where most of the big ponds are located. Walk around the lakes and visit the small temple Huanglong Temple before going back. You can choose to either go back the same way to use cable car or to walk back along the valley by more lakes at lower part of the park. For lunch you can pack some food with you because there is limited place inside the park where you can find food. After the visit, drive from Huanglong to the airport to catch your flight. Tour ends.
Plan will be adjusted according to the newest flight schedule.


Travel Tips:


1.Limited options on restaurants and lower quality of restaurants than in Chengdu.
2.Be aware of the high altitude in Huanglong Park.
3.In Winter season the visit to Huanglong will be replaced by a visit to Mounigou.

Availability: Every Day
Price Details:

A. Price Inclusions:
Private Transfer;
Private English-speaking Guide;
Entrance Fees  (including tourist bus ticket inside) to Emeishan;

Accommodations 2 nights, double occupancy;
Service Charge and Tax;


B. Price is based on 3 people.

No Hidden Fees. 

Food is not included;

Flights are not included;

Private Tour.

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