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Chengdu Sustainable Travel

As urbanization has made many nature parts into man-made cities, sustainable travel has met opportunities too. Renewable technology and resources are encouraged and more green products are introduced. Sichuan has the largest hydropower in China. Around 80% electricity is powered by water. In terms of traveling, good roads have been built so more time and energy is saved. EVs and HEVs are also introduced in the cities in Sichuan and its proportion is growing. 

Chengdu Tour Guide provides solutions for low-carbon travelers or sustainable travelers while traveling to Chengdu. When you choose us, you are already traveling greener.

A: Sustainable travel concepts are accepted by us.

B: We are a group of guides and drivers. We don't have office and we work from home hence we have no usage of resources on this part.

Solutions for Travelers


A. You can require for an EV or HEV as your transfer method with the same price.

B. We have tours that use public transfers (trains/subways) available for travelers to choose. 

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