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Chengdu Travel Guide

Things to know before you travel to Chengdu

Chengdu Travel Guide

Chengdu is the biggest city in western China and home to giant pandas and Sichuan food. It is a good idea to make plans before travel to Chengdu. Listed below are the useful, detailed and up-to-date travel information and guide to help you to plan the perfect holiday to Chengdu. Included are recommended places to stay and eat; how to get around Chengdu between each place of interest buy public transport, etc; travel season and weather; money and currency exchange; visa; Chengdu travel planning ideas and useful Chengdu travel maps.

Travel to Chengdu - Eat and Stay

Chengdu Food and Accommodations

The inner part of Chengdu is not very big and it is also where the places of interests are located. You are recommended to stay within the second ring road of Chengdu.

Getting around Chengdu - Transport

How to get around Chendu

Know how to get around Chengdu! Listed below are useful information of railways, airport, buses and metros in Chengdu.

Planning Ideas - Visa, Currency

Useful Chengdu Travel Tips

Essential and important travel tips to Chengdu including currency, visa and bookings-related information.

Read the most detailed and useful traveler maps of Chengdu to make good plans of your Chengdu visit! 

Chengdu Travel Maps

Chengdu Travel Maps
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