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Chengdu Subways

Chengdu has now 7 metro lines (til early 2020) and is building more. Using metros can take you to most of the tourist places. It is clean and fast, may be crowded but if you don’t use that during rush hour it’s fine. A single ride of metro costs between 2 yuan to 10 yuan. 
Using Subways Touring Chengdu

Kuanzhai Alley is one Line 4.
People’s Park is on Line 2.
Tianfu Square is on both Line 1 and Line 2.
Qintai Road is on Line 2. 
The above places are close to each other.
Chunxi Road is on Line 2 and Line 3.
Chengdu Panda Base is close to Line 3.
Jinli Street is close to Line 3.
Jinsha Site Museum is on Line 7 and not far from Line 4.
Wenshu Temple is on Line 1.
Dufu’s Thatched Cottage is close to Line 4.

Using Subways to Bus Stations/Railway Stations/Airports

Xinnanmen Bus Station is on Line 3.
Chadianzi Bus Station is one Line 2.
Chengdu East Railway Station is on Line 2.
Chengdu North Railway Station is on Line1.
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is on Line 10.
Chengdu Tianfu Airport is on Line 18 (by 2020 it’s not available).

Useful Travel Tips of Using a Subway in Chengdu

Try to avoid using the metro during rush hour. It’s not crazy busy but it’s not comfortable.
Try to avoid using metro at Chunxi Road especially during weekends.
Take your time to read the sighs if it's your first time using metro in Chengdu. The signs are very clear and in both Chinese and English.

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