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Chengdu Things to do

All Things To Do In Chengdu

All Things to do in Chengdu

While traveling in Chengdu, you don’t want to miss out the must-dos and must-sees. Chengdu is the biggest city in western China and a historical place with rich culture. Except the lovely pandas there is also Sichuan Food that you have to try. The evening activity includes the Sichuan Opera mask-changing show is worth to do. World heritage include Emeishan and Leshan Grand Buddha, Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Qingcheng Taoist Shrine are also on the list. Gathered below are the most useful and detailed places to visit, things to do in Chengdu and its surroundings. Each activity is with detailed travel information, including locations, maps, recommendations of visiting time and visiting guide.

Sichuan Opera Tickets Booking

Face-changing or Mask-changing show is one of the must-do activities while traveling in Chengdu! We offer the cheapest prices of Sichuan Opera Show tickets!

Availability: Everyday

Price: From USD12

All Panda Tours

Everything you should know before planning a panda trip.

Sichuan Food

Sichuan Food Tours

Chengdu is the hometown and the origin of Sichuan Food (Szchuan Food). One doesn't miss the authentic flavors of Sichuan Food while traveling in Chengdu!

Another thing not to be missed while traveling in Chengdu is to explore the local market at the traditional streets in Jinli, Kuanzhai Alley and Wenshu Fang.

Chengdu Old Markets

Explore Chengdu old Markets
Mt. Emei Travel Info

A world heritage, one of the 4 great Buddhist Shrines in China, Emeishan is one of the must-sees near Chengdu. Read the details of travel information of Mount Emei including transport, attraction information, travel season and weather.

Leshan Buddha Travel Info

World's tallest sitting Buddha statue and also a world heritage, Leshan Grand Buddha is true wonder of Buddhism. Included are the essential travel guide of Leshan Grand Buddha of travel maps, travel seaons, transfers, etc

Explore Old Villages around Chengdu

Old Villages of Chengdu

When you go beyond the city of Chengdu you will find the traditional parts of China. Listed old villages are just around Chengdu for you to explore!

Hiking in Chengdu

Can you imagine the highest point of Chengdu is at over 5000 meters? Chengdu is surrounded by mountains and forests, where the old monasteries have made home. The nature is just next door!

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