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Jiezi Old Town (街子古镇)

Jiezi Old Town is 50 kilometers west to Chengdu and is located in the Qionglau Mountains. It is located under Fengqi Mountain, 25 kilometers northwest of Chongzhou City, adjacent to Qingcheng Houshan and Jiulong Mountain. Northeast of Jiezi Town borders Dujiangyan. Weijiang, a tributary of the Minjiang River, flows through the streets and towns of Jiezi, forming a magnificent green lake-Longtan. The ancient town has a well-developed water system and abundant groundwater.
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Recommended Time to Spend: 2-3 hours
Business Hour: All Day
What to Expect


1.    Ancient Streets

Chongzhou Jiezi Old Town has a simple and compact architecture, which is a typical object reflecting the style of the southwestern town of Qing Dynasty. There are six old streets centered on Jiangcheng Street in the ancient district, with ancient buildings of 68,000 square meters. The houses on both sides of the streets are mainly buildings from the middle and late Qing Dynasty, and there are still wells in the Ming Dynasty. On both sides of the slab road and behind the house's front yard, there is a constant flow of clear water throughout the year, hence the name of "West Sichuan Water Village" is another name of Jiezi. There highlights of Jiezi Old Town include an ancient temple from the Jin Dynasty—Guangyan Buddhist Temple, Fengqishan Tourist Scenic Area, and the streets built in the late Qing Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty.

2.    Guangyan Zen Buddhist Temple

Guangyan Zen Buddhist Temple, also known as "Ancient Temple", is 1100 meters above sea level, hidden in the dense forest of Fengqi Mountain, surrounded by mountains and lush forests. The ancient temple was built in the Jin Dynasty. Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang and grandson Jianwen Emperor both took refuge here. The Ming Dynasty ’s Hongwu Nanzang presented to the ancient temple is the only official copy of the three classics carved by the Ming Dynasty. It weighs 11 tons and has a volume. of 1.505 cubic meters, it has great significance in Chinese Buddhism. 

3.    Food

Jiezi Sesame Cake
Jiezi Sesame Cake, also called Jiazi Tangma Bing, is one of Chengdu's famous snacks. Its origin is in Jiezi Town, Chongzhou. It is made of flour, white sugar, rock sugar and with several process of making. It is made into a round shape, then coated with peeled sesame and pasted and baked. Its preservation time can reach more than half a year.

Catholic Chicken Slices
Catholic Chicken Chicken Slices got its name because Nie Fuxuan, the founder, has set up a stall selling his special-made chicken pieces near Catholic church for years. Known in the Republic of China in 17 years (1928), it was called Chongqing Chicken Slices when it entered the "Cooking Book of Sichuan" in the 1970s. In 1990, Tianzhutang Chicken Pieces were rated as "Chengdu Famous Snacks".

Jiezi Old Town Location

Jiezi Guzhen, Chongzhou, Chengdu
Address in Chinese is 成都崇州市街子古镇

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Free of Charge.

Luggage Storage Service: Unavailable

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