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Mt. Siguniang Hiking Tour - 3 Days

This 3-day hiking trip to Mount Siguniang is perfectly designed for outdoor lovers and families. Mount Siguniang is considered to oriental Alps due to its natural alpine beauty of mountains and amazing landscapes. Two days of hiking into the valleys with flexibility of hiking time and distance to choose. This trip also included a visit to the Panda Base in Wolong.
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Very Good




3 day


-Siguniang Shuangqiao Valley,

-Siguniang Changping Valley,

-Wolong Panda Base.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 Chengdu –  Mount Siguniang
Drive to Mt. Siguniang and arrive by midday. After lunch, go into Shuangqiao Valley where we start our hiking by a bus ride first to the end of valley and walk from there back towards the downstream following the river on well-paved boardwalk. Around you there are many stunning peaks some are snow-capped and some are big walls including Mt. Jianshan, Mt. Yutu, Mt. Se'erdengpu, Mt. Potala, Mt. Abi and many more. The hiking will be on basically flat terrain and will be following the river. We'll see yaks and forest. After the hiking, go out using bus and then drive to check in hotel and overnight at 3100 meters. 

Day 2 Mount Siguniang Changpinggou Valley Hiking
Hike into Changping Valley with a 10-minute riding of bus to get to the starting point and walk on wooden planks in the bushes and forest. Total walking time is up to 7-8 hours and up to 20kms with flexibility. Today you will come back the same way. This valley also has beautiful rocks and mountains and above all the highest peak of Mt. Siguniang Yaomei Peak. Overnight in Rilong.

Day 3 Mount Siguniang – Chengdu
One leisure day drive back to Chengdu for about 5 hours en route visit Wolong Panda reserve, the actual hometown of giant pandas. After around 1-2 hours visit to the panda base of Wolong continue driving back to Chengdu. Arrive back at your hotel. Tour ends.


Travel Tips:


1.Long hours of driving involved.
2.Be aware of the high altitude.First time travelers to this place or even experienced travelers all have the risk of getting AMS due to change of altitude/temperature and air pressure. Acclimatization is necessary and precautions are essential. Precautions include:
a. Drink more water than you normally need everyday. 
b. Always keep your warm clothes handy and wear more layers to avoid getting cold due to elevation/temperature/pressure change.
c. Eat properly (no alcohol and be careful of local street food) and have enough time to sleep
d. Do not stress yourself both physically and mentally/ physical preparation prior to thie trip is helpful
e. Prepare medication for AMS, cold and diaries

3. Weather Expectation:
Diurnal temperature variation is up to 15 Celsius degrees. Weather is quite fine when sun comes out, but in the morning and evening, temperature drops dramatically. Temperature drops dramatically during midnight at high altitude places. Warm keeping is very important. Wind is heavy on the mountain. Sun proof is necessary for skin protection. Be careful in a rainy day as trail underfoot becomes slippery. "When you are in the mountain, weather changes fast". 

Availability: Every Day
Price Details:

A. Price Inclusions:
Private Transfer;
Private English-speaking Guide;
Entrance Fees  (including tourist bus ticket inside);

Accommodation, double occupancy;
Service Charge and Tax;


B. Price is based on 3 people.

No Hidden Fees. 

Food is not included;

Private Tour.

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