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Huanglongxi Old Town (黄龙溪古镇)

Huanglongxi means River of Yellow Dragon. It is a small old town located 40km south to the city of Chengdu. Huanglongxi has a history of 1700 years and it is the hometown of Fire Dragon of the five dragons in Chinese mythology. It was used as a main transfer centers of Chengdu in ancient time. Huanglongxi is also a national-level tourist town with many old tablets, old temples, old houses and old trees. It is a common weekend place of Chengdu people. It is a great place to try local Sichuan Food.
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Recommended Time to Spend: 2-3 hours
Business Hour: All Day
What to Expect


1.    Ancient Streets

The historical changes of more than 1700 years, the ancient town is still intact and its street layout kept the same way it was. There are seven streets from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The streets are all paved with slate.

2.    Ancient Temple

There are three old temples in the ancient town, Gulong Temple, Zhenjiang Temple, and Chaoyin Temple. They are all located on Huanglongxi Main Street. There are 2 large temples outside the town. The buildings are magnificent and shows one of the best achitecture skills.

3.    Ancient Houses

There are 76 sets of dwellings in the Ming and Qing dynasties, which are built on the first floor and the bottom.

4.    Ancient Trees

There are 6 ancient banyan trees over 300 years old in the town. The roots of the tree are intricately rooted and the sunshade covers the street. There is an old tree in Zhenlong Valley that resembles a dragon, that has a very strange appearance and comes with many beautiful legends.

5.    Food of Huanglongxi Old Town

The featured food of Huanglongxi Ancient Town mainly includes deep stewed pig elbows, pearl beancurd, wild vegetable scrambled eggs, wild stir-fried vegetables, braised yellow fish and so on.

The sesame cake originated from Renshou. Yellow fish is one of the most famous foods in Huanglongxi. Yellow fish is fresh from the rivers in Jinjiang and Luxi. The meat is tender and has no fishy taste. There are two ways to eat. One is to eat with local peppers and red chili from Huanglongxi, and add coriander. The soup is bright red and spicy. The second is to cook with lard, water, and salt, without using too many ingredients, to maintain the original flavor, and cook until you have white soup, add green onions when the pan is boiling, the fish is fresh and the taste is light.

The stone mill beancurd in Huanglongxi cuisine is also known as pearl beancurd. It is famous for its white color and tender texture.

The baby fish is made from a kind of small fish and river shrimp that will never grow big.

Huanglongxi Old Town Location

Zhenlong Street, Huanglongxi, Shuangliu, Chengdu
Address in Chinese is 成都双流区黄龙溪古镇镇龙街

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Free of Charge.

Luggage Storage Service: Unavailable

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