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Places to eat Sichuan Food in Chengdu

So one doesn't want to miss the amazing Sichuan Cuisine while traveling in Chengdu. So where to eat good Sichuan Food? Read details below and make your food hunt plans!
Jinli Old Street


Jinli Old Street is opened in 2004 and has become the No.1 food street in Chengdu. It is an old community of old-styled houses and shops of food, souvenirs and tea houses. It is located next to Wuhou Shrine, the memorial of Zhuge Liang. You can find many food stalls and shops on this 400 meter long street. Expect lots of traveler there as both travelers and local people go there. It is a street open on both day time and at night. It is a foodie’s paradise. You can find regular Sichuan Dish restaurants, stalls for snacks and also hot pot restaurants.

Kuanzhai Alley and Daci Temple

If you are looking for posh restaurants, go to Kuanzhai Alley or Daci Temple. Here they have the fanciest restaurants in Chengdu and all with a traditional style. It is also one of the three protected ancient complexes in Chengdu. Kuanzhai Alley is located near the city center and next to People’s Park. Daci Temple is a temple and the places around Daci Temple are also very fancy and nice. Food at these places are delicious and expensive. You can find mostly Sichuan Food restaurants with Sichuan Dishes.

Wenshu Fang

Wenshu Fang is a place where local people go more often. It is located next to a monastery called Wenshu Monastery. Wenshu Fang is an old style community of constructions in a traditional style. The monastery there gives this place a more authentic touch while you are walking in the streets there. Like Jinli and Kuanzhai Alley in Chengdu, Wenshu Fang is later refurnished and shops and restaurants are everywhere but it is obviously with less visitors. 

At Wenshu Fang you can find places to eat all kinds of food. But it is not a very big place. You can find hot pot restaurants, places to eat Sichuan snacks and other Sichuan Dishes. Zhong Dumplings is among the most popular one there. They provide different set of big and small meal with several kinds of snacks including dumplings, wontons, sweet and spicy noodles, sticky rice bread, soup and many other snacks. All these restaurants are in an old style. 

There is also a vegetarian restaurant here at Wenshu Fang called Qingshui Hehua.

Qintai Road

A whole street of restaurants and both hot pot and regular Sichuan food restaurants can be found here. It is next to Kuanzhai Alley and next to the Culture Park of Chengdu, west to Qingyang Taoist Temple. It is not a very big street but you can find restaurants like Huangcheng Laoma, Jinxi Furong, Longsen Yuan, etc. 

Here is also where they have shows of the mask changing opera. 

Huanglongxi Old Town

This place is not located in the city of Chengdu. You need to drive for around 30km south out of Chengdu. Huanglongxi is a big place, you can spend a whole day here. The food here are cheap and there are lots of snacks and some different kinds of snacks that maybe difficult to find in the city. Please see here to read more about Huanglongxi old Town.

Luodai Old Town

Luodai is a very interesting place in terms of eating. It is the home to Hakha people in Sichuan and the food are with a Hakha style. Snacks and ingredients are plenty and not expensive. Also there are normally lots of people if you are traveling on weekends. Luodai is located 30km east to Chengdu also you need to drive for about 1 hour to get there.


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