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Chengdu Travel Season

Please note all seasons are good to travel to Chengdu. If you are traveling to places in western parts of Sichuan Province but using Chengdu only as a stopover place, for example, to Daocheng Yading, or to Mt. Siguniang, then the weather in Chengdu won’t matter to you. Because it makes more sense for you to focus on the other places you intend to go. If your destination is only Chengdu and around Chengdu, please keep reading.
Best season to come

Chengdu has a typical subtropical climate that the monsoon comes in June and finishes in September. Summer is hot as over 30C and winter is cold as below 5C. Spring and Fall are short. April, May, September and October are in general the best seasons to travel here. Although these are also the busy seasons when you will see a lot of people everywhere. June to August is the raining seasons but if it’s not rainy weather is fine but can be hot. From November the weather starts to get cold and drier til the next March when spring comes. 

For people who don’t like it crowded while visiting, November to the next March is a good window for visiting Chengdu when there are not many people traveling.

Busy Seasons in Chengdu


There are certain days you want to avoid traveling in China in general. The first week of October for sure, and then July, August are also recommended to be avoided if possible. If you don’t mind crowds then this is not an issue.

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