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Travel Bookings: Guide/Train Tickets/Sichuan Opera Tickets

While traveling to Chengdu people often book things ahead of time to avoid booked out of services. Chengdu is not a very difficult place to travel to. It is far but once you are in China it is not far. Except hotels, there are certain things that are recommended to be booked ahead before your arrival.
Book a Guide


If you are looking to explore something special in Chengdu, or if you would like to have someone who knows Chengdu to explain things to you, a reliable guide from Chengdu is very useful. To use a guide for your travel, it costs you money, but it saves you time and it enriches your trip. And when you don’t speak the local language, a guide is absolutely helpful. To book a guide from us you can simply send an inquiry to us and tell us where you want to go and what you would like to do. We’ll make sure your trip is fulfilled.

During peaking travel season, it is actually difficult to book a guide by last minute. The busy traveling seasons include April, May, July, August, September and October. If you already made your mind to hire a guide while visiting Chengdu, it is better to book this sooner.

Book a Train Ticket


Very Often travelers find it difficult to book train tickets in China since lots of websites available for train tickets booking are in Chinese. We have the train tickets booking service available and you can simply send your inquiry and we will book the tickets for you and will have clear guidance of ticket collecting for you. Train tickets need to be booked ahead of time for sure because there are no other alternative ways of traveling once you have planned to use train. 

Book a Bus Ticket


Bus ticket is often not an issue although during holidays and weekends it can be difficult to buy a ticket at the bus stations. Therefore Chengdu Tour Guide has made the bus ticket booking service available for foreign travelers who wish to book bus tickets before hand. Please send your inquiry and we’ll book the tickets for you.

Book for Panda Volunteer Work >>


Panda Volunteer Work is a special program of interacting with pandas provided by the panda bases in Dujiangyan and Wolong. It has become a popular thing among panda lovers. Panda Volunteer Work is available everyday but the spot is limited every day. Hence you are recommended to book this ahead of time if possible to avoid possible booked-out. Chengdu Tour Guide is a contracted partner of the panda bases. We can make reservations for your panda volunteer work quick. 

Book a Sichuan Opera Show Ticket >>


This is another popular must-dos in Chengdu yet often the tickets sell out quickly during busy seasons. If you are traveling by April, July, August, September and October, please do book the tickets at least a month prior otherwise you will possibly won’t be able to book any tickets or the tickets are as good as you would like to book. We book Sichuan Opera Tickets quick and safe. 

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