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Where to Stay in Chengdu

Chengdu could be one of the easiest cities to travel in China since the city is in one whole area rather than scattering out and have different centers. In Chengdu we only have one city center. And most of the tourist interests are located in the inner city within second ring road of Chengdu. And since it’s a 10-million people city and a modern city since last 10 years, travelers can have many options on choosing different kinds of hotels in Chengdu. 
The many hotels


Chengdu has a population of 10-million people. Tourism isn’t really a big industry compared to other industries such as manufacturing. There are many people moving around here. Hotel options are so many that you won’t have trouble finding one. The range is from luxury 5-star hotels to dorm-sharing guesthouses.

The Informative Hostels


Chengdu has around 8-10 guesthouses that specializes in this kind of informative hostels for travelers. They provide a lot of useful travel information and tours and they provide quite budget rooms or even beds in shared dorms. This is a very good option for people who are traveling own their own and traveling with a budget. It’s also good place to meet other travelers. Most of these hostel/guesthouse people speak good English and are very helpful. Most of these hostels are located in downtown area of Chengdu.

Apartment Hotels


Apartment hotels are flourishing in recent years in Chengdu. They have very good rooms yet price is very reasonable. People there may not speak English but are very helpful and usually nice. These are something to think about if you are traveling with friends and want some cozy rooms and privacy.

Which area of Chengdu to stay?


Our Recommendation
To use hotels within the 2nd Ring Road of Chengdu is good. Often travelers choose to stay at near the following places: Jinli, People’s Park, Kuanzhai Alley, or Taikuli, Wenshu Monastery. And here is some information for people who don’t mind a bit of walking: People’s Park is 5 minutes walk from Kuanzhai Alley, Jinli Street is 15-20 minutes walk from People’s Park, Wenshu Monastery is about 20-25 minutes walk from People’s Park, Tailuli is about 15-20 minutes’ walk. 
Plus, taxis are available and subways are convenient.

Staying at near the airport for late or early flight.
Then the issue becomes often to which area of Chengdu to stay. For example, if you have a late or early transit at Chengdu Airport, is it a good idea to stay at near the airport? Not necessarily because Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is only 15km from downtown Chengdu. And plus the nearest hotel at the airport is around 5km and with very limited options. For late and early airport transfer, you won’t stuck in traffic, it takes only about 10-15 minutes more for you to stay at a hotel in downtown area of Chengdu than staying at near the airport, which usually the hotel can be not as good giving the same money it costs you if you were to spend it on a hotel in downtown area of Chengdu. In a word, would you exchange 10-15 minutes for a better hotel with same price?
Stay at near Chengdu Panda Base for early visit
Also is it necessary to stay by the panda base of Chengdu in order to go there early enough in the morning so to save time of driving? It depends. Chengdu Panda Base is around 20 -25 minutes drive from downtown Chengdu. If it usually takes you a lot of time to get up then staying at near Chengdu Panda Base in order to have an early visit helps a little. Although it will have the same issues with staying at near the airport due to limited hotel options. And also it saves around 15 minutes only because the nearest hotel at Panda Base is also a minimum of 5 minutes’’ drive. An early getting up is also good in order to have more options and to see more things in the city around your hotel rather than in the suburb near panda base where there is nothing.

Travel Tips


Most hotels/hostels provide free wifi.
Most hotels have free luggage store service.
Note lower level of hotels may only provide breakfast with Chinese style except some hostels that specializes in providing services to foreigners but may not be free.
At all hotels you are required to do a face-scan when check in, all hotels will require your passport and visa information when check in.
Some hotels people don’t speak English at all.

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