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Chengdu Panda Base

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, also known as Chengdu Panda Base, is one of most important official bases for researching evolution, history, breeding, re-wilding training and other studies on Giant Panda. It is also one of biggest conservation bases for Giant Pandas. A total of around 50 pandas live here including about a dozen little pandas and several baby pandas every year. It is open every day and available for everyone. It is considered to be the best place to see pandas in China.
Location Map
Recommended Time to Spend: 2-3 hours
Business Hour: 07:30-18:00
Highlights of Chengdu Panda Base


1.    In total about 50 Pandas
1 panda is a good, 2 pandas are gooder, 50 pandas are beyond words. The number of pandas at Chengdu Panda Base is the biggest among all the panda bases and sanctuaries in China. There are no other facilities in the world have such number of pandas together. The number 50 is a rough number sometimes it is lower than this sometimes it is higher because pandas travel too. The fact there are so many pandas here we have never seen any visitor got sick of pandas. Although you won’t be able to see all the 50 pandas here, because some pandas are hidden from visitors due to reasons such as being pregnant or sick. Normally you will see about 30-35 pandas in total (not including the red pandas). These pandas are kept separated in different enclosures and each has their own keepers. A visit to the panda base usually takes about 2 hours although panda-lover stay longer. The moment you finish your panda visit and step out of the panda base you will realize you for sure came to the right place to see pandas. 

2.    Baby Pandas
Usually there are about 10 little pandas at Chengdu Panda Base. The little pandas are around 10 to 12 months old and are the cutest thing ever. Visitors can see them at Sunshine Delivery House and Moonlight Delivery House. More often they keep the little pandas at Moonlight Delivery House than the Sunlight Delivery House. The little pandas are usually kept together so you often see them playing around, climbing trees. They are much more active and usually draw a lot of visitors’ attention every day. Some little pandas are kept together with their mothers. This is not to be missed while visiting Chengdu Panda Base and we think this is definitely a highlight of a visit here. You are also recommended to go to the panda base early by 7.30am before the crowd arrives.

3.    Red Pandas
There are in total about 20 red pandas living at Chengdu Panda Base. The red pandas look noting like the black and white Giant Pandas. Red pandas are much less picky on food and they surely have better skills survive in the wild and are better climbers. The red pandas are also kept in enclosures and also on the board where there are holes opened for them to walk free on it. Red pandas are not aggressive but you are not recommended to feed nor touch them. 

4.    Panda Museum
It is a small museum of information and knowledge about pandas. Usually it takes about 20 minutes to visit. Panda Museum is located by the entrance to your left where there is also the tourist service center where you can rent wheelchair, umbrella and store your luggage. 

5.    Other locations in Chengdu Panda Base
Swan Lake is next to the restaurants. Fish are some swans are kept in the water. It is a good place to sit down and rest after your visit. And the neighboring restaurants and coffee house are also good.
Panda Cinema is a small room next to Panda Enclosure. A 20-minute’s documentary is playing all the time. The documentary tells more information and knowledge about pandas. But it is usually with lots of people in it. 
Panda Kitchen is where panda keepers prepare food for pandas. It is not open to the public.
Panda Hospital is where panda doctors treat sick/pregnant pandas. It is not open to the public
Bird Park is a hidden enclosure at Panda Base next to the Sunshine Delivery House. It is not open to pubic.


How to Get to Chengdu Panda Base

Chengdu Panda Base is located at No. 1375, Xiongmao Dadao, about 12km north from city downtown. Address in Chinese language: 成都市熊猫大道1375号,成都大熊猫繁育研究基地

1.    Tourist Shuttle Bus
There are tourist shuttle buses to from some attractions in Chengdu, such as Wuhou Temple, Jinli Street, Dufu Caotang, Kuanzhai Alley, etc. Read Schedules of Tourist Shuttle Bus.

2.    Public Bus
Public Bus route 87, 198 and 198a, 60 and 655 can take you to the panda base. It may take a longer time as from certain locations you need to transit from other buses. Subway line 3 goes to near the panda base and you can get off at Xiongmao Dadao, from where you use a taxi/shared taxi to go the base.

3.    Taxi
Using a taxi costs about 50~60 RMB to transfer between downtown Chengdu and panda base. Using taxi usually takes about 20 mintues.

Ticket Information

CNY58 per Person


CNY28 for people who are: (proof required)

Age between 60 and 70;

Student age 18 or under (student card required);


Free of charge for people who are: (proof required)

Age 6 or under;

Age 70 and over;

Child with height lower than 1.3m;

Luggage Storage Service: Available

Tours to Chengdu Panda Base
Visit Chengdu Panda Base - Half Day
Chengdu Day Tour with Panda - 1 Day
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Detailed Map of Chengdu Panda Base


Transfer within the base: CNY10 per person by golf car.
Guiding Service: Guiding service is available for Chinese and English language.
Luggage Store.
Umbrella Rent

Wheelchair Rent
Food and Drinks: There are several places where you can sit down to eat or drink tea/coffee at Chengdu Panda Base.
Posting Service: Panda-related post cards and stamps available to mail out at Panda Post from 09.30-16.30.


Tourist Notices from Chengdu Panda Base

1.    Pandas don’t like hot weather. When temperature goes above 26C, pandas will stay indoors. Please go inside to see the pandas at Sunshine Delivery House, Moonlight Delivery House, Panda Enclosure 1, 2. 2.    Please be quiet during your visit. Pandas may get harassed by loud voices. Please keep your flash turned off while taking photos of pandas. 3.    Please do not feed the pandas or the red pandas.4.    Please do not smoke. Please do not leave any trash behind.5.    Please do not bring pets.

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